Meet potomac Management Solutions!

Diane McCain    President / CEO

Diane McCain

President / CEO

Diane McCain is an accomplished Human Resources Executive with proven expertise in operational management and a hands-on approach in the areas of policy and procedure, recruitment and hiring, retention approaches, personnel development, legal compliance issues, labor relations and negotiations.

Diane McCain has over 29 years of experience in progressive Human Resources Operations. She holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration (Management) with an emphasis in Human Resources – Global Management. Diane's extensive Human Resources experience covers an array of industries in both the Private and Public sectors to include Municipalities and Federal Government with the last 15 years worked directly in Government Contracting.

Her extensive background affords her the expertise to develop not only competitive, but successful compensation and strategic operational plans that have afforded great success. Diane's Government Contracting experience is comprised of service contracts supporting several agencies within the United States Armed Forces. With an extensive background in this specialized industry, Diane's experiences spans across Corporate and Contract Operations, Program Management and successful Contract Administration.

David McCain    Executive VP

David McCain

Executive VP

David McCain is a seasoned, accomplished Senior Executive in Federal Law Enforcement. David is a high impact leader directing complex law enforcement/industry/security operations, while utilizing the latest research combined with best practice to ensure effective execution, coordination and risk management of government operations. 

David McCain has over 26 years of experience in Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement and Government Operations. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Criminal Justice. He has proven history as a key adviser on critical issues, incidents, emergency preparedness and crisis management. He is a disciplined perfectionist with a keen talent in business development, mentoring staff, personnel management, hiring, recruitment and administering policy. He is known in the law enforcement community for his mission-driven results, professionalism and unwavering loyalty. 

While David’s career began as a criminal investigator, he spent his last fours years as the Assistant Director and Deputy Assistant Director of Human Resources and Professional Development. This experience has afforded David the unique opportunity to further expand his expertise in the areas of hiring and recruiting special agents, industry operations investigators, administrative and professional support personnel, including basic-advanced-executive training, benefits, payroll, classification and position management for a high profile law enforcement agency with over 5200 employees. David was responsible for basic, advanced and leadership training for the workforce at ATF. He was also responsible for operations at the ATF National Academy within the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Glynco, Georgia. 


Clifton Murray, SHRM-SCP    Director of HR

Clifton Murray, SHRM-SCP

Director of HR

Clifton Murray is a senior certified HR professional with over 14 years of experience in Government Contracting related HR compliance and over a decade of managing and directing company-wide HR initiatives. A graduate of Virginia Tech and member of the Society of Human Resource Management, he combines compliance and cross departmental leverage and understanding that ensures HR is a strategic asset to Potomac Management Solutions’ mission.

His experience has ranged across various industries, including Government Contracting, Heatlhcare, Finance, and IT. He exemplifies experience combined with focus leading to success!


Hope Linder    Client Liaison Director

Hope Linder

Client Liaison Director

Serving as the Client Liaison Director, Hope Linder brings over 25 years of combined military service, executive leadership in the Federal Government Contracting sector, and Federal Law Enforcement and Polygraph communities. Bringing the can-do attitude that only a seasoned Veteran can bring, she is integral in communicating and facilitating strategy and process improvement within Potomac Management’s Law Enforcement Contracts. Having worked with Potomac Management Solutions since 2015, Ms. Linder brings invaluable leadership and reliability ensuring the highest quality of customer service to our clients.


Tameka Casselle    Lead Project Manager - BI

Tameka Casselle

Lead Project Manager - BI

Tameka Casselle leads Potomac Management’s Background Investigations Department. A seasoned field investigator, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the BI team ensuring a quality product to our clients while committed to providing our investigators with unique and inspiring career opportunities. Ms. Casselle is a Professional Certified Coach specializing in Emotional Intelligence Assessments and holds a Master’s Degree in Human Services and Executive Leadership. She possesses extensive experience in motivating and inspiring positive change in organizations.

Prior to working with Potomac Management Solutions, she has had a decorated career with the Department of State and serving as an officer in the United States Army. While serving in the US Army, she was a Bronze Star recipient and Meritorious Honor Award at the Department of State.